Founding Team

Michael Latch | CEO & Co-Founder

Mike manages CloseHero’s business operations and drives the strategic vision for the company. With an undergraduate degree in Physics and masters in Electrical Engineering, he has amassed an unusually eclectic background working in defense, finance, technology, and residential PV. Given that he had no prior experience in sales, when he became the top residential salesperson at the SunPower National Residential Dealer of the Year recipient in 2011 and 2012 he realized that with the right training and resources, anyone could sell well. This inspired the idea behind CloseHero’s sales platform, which came to fruition in 2015.

Mike is a California native and natural outdoorsman. When he isn’t slinging CloseHero’s awesome software he’s either surfing, working out, rock-climbing, or spending time with his loving family. When he isn’t doing any of those, he’s at home killing aliens.


Hubert Orlik-Grzesik | COO & Co-Founder

A World top Meteor expert and seasoned web app designer/developer, Hubert is responsible for leading the development of the technology behind CloseHero’s platform. He studied mathematics and computer engineering at Warsaw University, and has been involved in the development of an extensive range of software. Some of his works include, Handwriting List, and VisNow – a generic visualization framework developed at ICM. Hubert is strongly committed to bringing the newest technologies to the forefront of UX design, and he believes in using his talent to help further the success of industries that have a positive influence on securing a more sustainable future.

As a resident of Studzionka, a small village off the beaten path in Poland, Hubert enjoys the bucolic life of the countryside and is a huge fan of working remotely. He has a passion for music, and currently plays over twenty instruments including the ukulele, violin, ocarina and saxophone. Favorite past-times include practicing his recently acquired role of proud Dad to three young boys (who have all taken after his good looks), and maintaining a healthy beard.